Get Involved

The Global Age Watch Index (GAWI), developed with UN fund for population and development, ranks India 73rd out of 91 countries in elderly care which includes key areas across income security, healthcare, employment, education and enabling environment.

Can we change this by being involved together,
in an extended family?

Even in the last decades of the 20th Century, it was natural for parents to be staying under the care of their children, as part of the family. Elderly care comprises fulfilment of a wide gamut of special needs and requirements in addition to daily necessities. However, in the face of mounting challenges in maintaining the work-life balance in our times, the trend unfortunately is changing. Sons and daughters feel that they should prioritise their own ambitions, and as a result the elder generation is often left to fend for themselves. Most of the younger generation feels that 60 is the retirement age for all activities. This perception needs to change. Herein comes in the importance of understanding wider family relationships and how the younger generation can act as catalysts to bring back many smiles.