Gold Fish

Gold Fish is in the business of creating happiness.

We work in the fields of Brand Building and Digital and TV Productions through a rich portfolio of services that include Content Generation, providing Creative and Technical Consultancy, Creative Business Strategy, Integrated Advertising and Media Solutions & Conceptualisation. Our area of expertise also include large research projects.

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Mr. Kewal Kapoor- An introduction

Mr. Kewal Kapoor has a diversified portfolio of being a well-researched and proficient writer, analytical journalist, producer, director, consultant, and a creative strategist. He had served as Executive Producer with a top-notch Television Production House - researched, conceptualised, and did a story on martyrs of Kargil. He contributed as journalist with write-ups in Hindi dailies, and created couple of television documentary shows and series, and co-directed and co-produced a documentary on Kashmir violence. He has also played the role of consulting partner on integrated advertising and media projects for popular and leading brands.

For the last two years, working on projects that focus on social communication and redefine how subaltern issues can be dealt in advertising and digital eco-system in a different way, Kewal Kapoor has become a strong supporter of opening doors of public domain to minority groups - the less abled, victims of social violence, and subaltern groups. He believes that technology can empower and enable these people too.

'Return of Million Smiles' is the first formal project of Gold Fish, owned, operated and managed single handedly by Kewal Kapoor.