Return of Million Smiles

Their today. Your tomorrow.Isn't that a common sight?

With age the closed ones become distant and loneliness lets you live in exile.

With the joint family system withering away, the elderly are being shunned or abandoned by their families. Surprisingly, it's no more an urban phenomenon. In rural India, the family system is eroding, with the younger generation increasingly heading off to cities with their spouses and their children to start a new life - without their parents or grandparents. Family after family, the story is the same. Isn't it the cruelest irony of life?

India, like many other countries in the world, is witnessing an alarming growth of this population. We at CHAI Kreative & Advisory are committed to changing the way people look at ageing in India. 'Return of Million Smiles' is one such initiative from us to sensitize people about the state of the vulnerable elderly community, thereby providing them not only the social security but also an emotional support to live a dignified life! Pledge your support today and help us make it an attainable dream.

'Return of Million Smiles' is the first Project in the Country that is challenging age discrimination, challenging stereotype. We aim to start a small movement to motivate the young to support the elderly and motivate seniors to live and enjoy life irrespective of age.